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Investment Ideas

Investment Ideas

Thematic ETFs

Thematic investing can help investors access the growth potential of long-term structural change and disruptive innovation which are under-represented in broad market indices today.

At First Trust, our thematic approach is solely focused on identifying emerging trends that are shaping our future world. We believe this helps us stay ahead of the curve. As pioneers of both rules-based investing and a leader in thematic ETFs, we have been providing access to some of the largest megatrends via ETFs since 2006 - longer than any other provider.

Investment Ideas

Target Outcome ETFs®

Target Outcome ETFs are actively managed ETFs that seek to provide targeted exposure to an underlying reference asset. The ETF is set up to provide a predetermined investment outcome, equipped with a feature to remove some of the uncertainty associated with investing.

The Target Outcome Buffer Series ETFs are designed to help equity investors maintain a level of protection in down markets, by seeking to provide a defined downside buffer, over a specified Target Outcome Period. At the same time the strategy looks to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets up to a predetermined cap. The cap and buffer are reset at the end of each Target Outcome Period. However, the funds may be held indefinitely, providing investors a potential buy and hold investment opportunity.

Latest U.S. Market and Economic Commentary


Article | Thematic Investing

Harnessing Factors and Themes in Uncertain Times

Forget criticising market analysts or forecasters who got the Federal Reserve predictions wrong... the Fed's own predictions were wrong.
28 May 2024
Article | Markets

Is the Spotlight Shifting to US Small and Mid-Cap Equities?

For investors seeking opportunities in the current market environment, small and mid-cap US companies may present an attractive proposition for several key reasons. Read our latest article for more.
22 May 2024
Article | Thematic Investing

The Critical Metals needed for the Future Economy

With climate neutrality and digitalisation increasing the demand for critical metals like lithium and cobalt, current supply and investments fall short. This could lead to shortages and price hikes, notably due to concentrated production in countries like China.
16 May 2024


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